Evaluates the wildcard placeholders of a data frame of remake commands. Use the help_remakeGenerator function to get more help.

evaluate(x, rules = NULL, wildcard = NULL, values = NULL, expand = TRUE)


argument data frame
Named list with wildcards as names and vectors of replacements as values. This is a way to evaluate multiple wildcards at once.
character string to replace with elements of values.
values to replace the wildcard in the remake commands. Must be the same length as x$command if expand is TRUE.
If TRUE, loop over values when evaluating the wildcard, creating more rows in the output data frame. Otherwise, each occurance of the wildcard is replaced with the next entry in the values vector, and the values are recycled.


an evaluated data frame


If wildcard and values are not NULL, the members of values will replace wildcard in the command column of x. If the rules list is not NULL, rules takes precedence over wildcard and values. In this case, the names of rules act as wildcards, and each corresponding element of rules acts as a values argument in a recursive call to evaluate. Use the help_remakeGenerator function to get more help.

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