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Create an R6 object to manage a job definition for AWS Batch jobs.


  job_definition = paste0("crew-aws-batch-job-definition-", crew::crew_random_name()),
  log_group = "/aws/batch/job",
  config = NULL,
  credentials = NULL,
  endpoint = NULL,
  region = NULL



Character of length 1, name of the AWS Batch job queue.


Character of length 1, name of the AWS Batch job definition. The job definition might or might not exist at the time crew_definition_aws_batch() is called. Either way is fine.


Character of length 1, AWS Batch CloudWatch log group to get job logs. The default log group is often "/aws/batch/job", but not always. It is not easy to get the log group of an active job or job definition, so if you have a non-default log group and you do not know its name, please consult your system administrator.


Optional named list, config argument of paws.compute::batch() with optional configuration details.


Optional named list. credentials argument of paws.compute::batch() with optional credentials (if not already provided through environment variables such as AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID).


Optional character of length 1. endpoint argument of paws.compute::batch() with the endpoint to send HTTP requests.


Character of length 1. region argument of paws.compute::batch() with an AWS region string such as "us-east-2". Serves as the region for both AWS Batch and CloudWatch. Tries to default to paws.common::get_config()$region, then to Sys.getenv("AWS_REGION") if unsuccessful, then Sys.getenv("AWS_REGION"), then Sys.getenv("AWS_DEFAULT_REGION").


An R6 job definition object.

IAM policies

In order for the AWS Batch crew job definition class to function properly, your IAM policy needs permission to perform the RegisterJobDefinition, DeregisterJobDefinition, and DescribeJobDefinitions AWS Batch API calls. For more information on AWS policies and permissions, please visit

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