I first introduced the downsize package in my post on reproducible workflows, and I am excited about its official release to CRAN.

If your workflow takes a long time to run, you want to test it quickly, and unit testing is too reductionist to cover everything, the downsize package can help. Just intersperse your code with calls to the downsize() function. Then, you can toggle the test and production versions of your workflow with the flip of a TRUE/FALSE global option. That way, you avoid tedium and human error, and your test is a close approximation to the original task at hand.

The online package vignette has a full tutorial. In addition, downsize is compatible with remakeGenerator, and the remakeGenerator vignette explains how to use these packages together.

Edit: updates in version 0.2.0

The main change is that I deprecated functions scale_up(), scale_down(), and scaling() in favor of production_mode(), test_mode(), and my_mode(). Because I explain downsize to people in terms of test and production modes, it seemed only natural to have this choice of words built into the package. The minor changes are the addition of a help_downsize() function to suggest helpful links and updates to the documentation.